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This is the home page of arCHMage. arCHMage is an extensible reader and decompiler for files in the CHM format. This is the format used by Microsoft HTML Help, and is also known as Compiled HTML.

arCHMage is written in the Python programming language and uses PyCHM - python bindings for CHMLib from GnoCHM project.

Originally this utility was written by Eugeny Korekin, but since 2005 it has been maintained and developed by Basil Shubin.

You can contact me at basil.shubin [guess what] gmail [dot] com.


  • Extracting CHM content to set of HTML, CSS files and images
  • Dumping HTML data from CHM file into standard output
  • Serving CHM contents as a standalone HTTP server
  • Serving CHM content with Apache by providing Apache module mod_chm
  • Converting CHM file into another file formats (using external tools): Plain Text, Single HTML, PDF

You can view example of decompressed CHM file here. I would be glad to receive freely redistributable CHM files for using as examples.